Megan Gnanasihamany is an artist, writer, and independent curator based in Montréal, Québec.

Their work in visual art and independent curation focuses on research-based explorations into relationships between our selves and the material world. They explore collaborative models of art making, performative identities, cultural concepts of labour, and exhibitions and installations as critical mediums in their capacity to facilitate engagement between artists, histories, and audiences. Impending environmental loss as a result of climate change, ever-more intimate integrations of technologies within our bodies, and shifting constructs of gender and sexuality inform their research into the oscillating relationships between plants, nature, technology, and gender. As a queer, Sri Lankan Canadian artist, engaging with plants and cultivation creates space for a re-assessment of culturally established ideas of ownership, care, and the limits of human intervention in relation to land, identity, and femininity.  Their practice includes work in text and writing, video installation, collaborative curation, and performance. From scripting a poetic conversation between plants imagining a speculative future, to creating a video loop imagining proper light care for an emoji plant who lives in your phone, to performing as a utility-less professional labourer, they are interested in exploring art’s capacity to initiate dialogue about the ways we seek out, build, and collaborate on new methods of guidance and care to ferry us through an uncertain and ongoing future.


Twitter: @megangmegang
Instagram: @megangmegang